Success Stories

Olivia, a 51-year-old female diagnosed with schizophrenia and general anxiety disorder, struggles with hearing voices and severe anxiety symptoms. This has prevented her from working and enjoying other daily life activities. Olivia joined CenterPath Wellness to begin her journey in individual therapy and medication management services, where she’s been able to learn and practice the skills to cope effectively with symptoms of uncontrollable worry, fear, shaking, overeating, and chronic tension. Due to staying on her treatment path, Olivia is finally able to work and is enjoying herself when performing daily activities.

GK wasd diagnosed with schizophrenia in his early twenties, in and out of psychiatric units until beginning treatment with CenterStone’s Partial Care program for seriously mentally ill persons.

GK attended a 5 hour program five days a week, participating in therapeutic groups, and received medication management services as well as individual counseling. The program connected the client with vocational services and now, over twenty years later, GK is a proud husband and father, and a homeowner too. He has been working full-time at the same job for over ten years, and continues to receive monthly medication management services.

GK says “CenterStone is the reason for my success.”

DL Experienced a first psychiatric hospitalization at age 38, after her mother, with whom she had been living and acting as the primary caregiver, passed away after a long illness.

After her mother’s death, DL became extremely depressed and also very fearful. She began to believe that others wanted to harm her or harass her, and as a result she became emotionally paralyzed and unable to function in day-to-day life. With the help of CenterStone, the client received medication management services as well as individual psychotherapy, and was able to begin to take charge of her life again, and take the needed steps to settle her mother’s estate. This involved selling the family home and moving into her own apartment. Today, DL continues to work on developing further independent living skills, decreasing and coping with her fears, and further integrating herself into the community.

LG is a thirty-year-old woman dealing with depression and drug addiction. She’s been participating in our MICA Partial Care program, receiving group therapy, medication management services, as well as individual psychotherapy. LG is now clean

and sober for over a year, has completed a vocational training program, and is now working part-time. It’s BM – a twenty-year-old male who is experiencing depression and struggling with issues regarding his sexual orientation, and his family’s reaction to this revelation. CenterStone is providing him with medication management services as well as individual psychotherapy.

HH is a forty-year-old female diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder in her early twenties.

Initially she participated in our Partial Care program. Now, twenty years later, HH is only recieving medication management services and is a loving mother of one son, and also a working mom.

17-year-old DA – who along with her younger brother was experiencing significant depression relating to serious family problems. Both siblings have been receiving psychotherapy services, individually, together, and as a family. The mother was encouraged to get some individual therapy/support for herself as well, and is now seeing another CenterStone clinician. As of this time, both children are doing well, DA is in college and mom has been able take some steps that she needed to in order to improve their life circumstances.