Partial Care

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Group Therapy SessionEveryone’s mental wellness journey is different, and nobody should hesitate to reach out if they need additional help. However, we understand it can feel intimidating to do so. Having a warm and nurturing environment can make seeking help feel a lot easier.

Come to CenterPath Wellness, a mental health treatment center where we offer additional structure to take you one step closer on the path to your wellness goals.

What is Partial Care?

At CenterPath Wellness, we welcome you to a warm and nurturing mental health clinic, making it easier to seek the help you’re looking for.

In our partial care program, you will gather in a group setting with our trained mental health professionals, who are dedicated to meeting clients needs and collaborating on individuals treatment goals. You will get group therapy as well as work on individualized goals, together. Having a routine in a structured environment could be the key to achieving milestones faster.