Individual Therapy

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Client and TherapistLooking for a therapist can be daunting and challenging, the opposite of how it should be. If it was easy and accessible, more people could begin getting the help they need. At CenterPath Wellness, we make getting mental healthcare as easy as possible for you to start achieving your individual goals.

We have a plethora of knowledgeable and caring therapists ready to assist you in your journey, ensuring you’re on the right path. Our Individual Therapy services can be accessed through telehealth and in-person sessions.

What is Individual Therapy?

At CenterPath Wellness, we offer mental health services where you will receive 1 on 1 personalized care between you and your therapist in treating depression, anxiety, stress, bipolar disorder and other mood disorders, and trauma. We help with diagnosis and establishing a treatment for mental health for your path to wellness milestones.

Reach Your Goals

By starting in individual therapy, you can begin addressing the thoughts on your mind and work toward walking on your path to wellness. What you achieve will depend on your individual needs and will be assessed by both you and our team. As you continue on your path, we will grow with you.